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AMSR has recently acquired some very rich material documenting research conducted for the BBC.

Peter Menneer, who was Head of BBC Research, 1978-1992, and Graham Mytton, who was Head of Audience Research for the BBC World Service1982-1998, have donated unique reports and papers, both from their own collections and the BBC Archives.

Graham has written an overview of his contribution. Some ‘tasters’ from Peter’s collection are below.

  • Towards TV qualitative research: the BBC’s viewpoint. March 1981.
  • The Random Assigned Day (RAD). An innovative technique for measurement of broadcast audiences amongst high status populations, by Peter Menneer, Didier Mormessi and Jeremy Nye.
  • Pensioners: their TV viewing and radio listening. March 1989.
  • TV and radio in the lives of ethnic minorities.  November 1988.
  • Broadcasting research audiences and issues.  1991.
  • Towards gobal guidelines for television audience measurement. A series on international TV and radio audience measurement. Edited Peter Menneer 1993-1999.
  • The infrequent listener. Peter Menneer October 1995
  • Trends in TV audiences. Prepared for BBC Television by Peter Menneer. July 1996
  • The RadiometerTowards a new audience currency.  Peter Menneer. December 2000.

The relevant section heading in the BBC World Service section in the archive can be found here: https://amsr.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/BBC-WS – click the blue ‘Browse’ button to access the full list of 384 documents.

* This article also appears in our March 2020 Newsletter (issue 15)

Contributed by Judith Staig
Date posted: 22nd March 2023


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