The Life in Research: £15.00


All proceeds go to support the work of the Archive of Market and Social Research.

For those who want to know more about the field of market, social and opinion research, and those who have already enjoyed a career there, here’s a book which entertains and informs in full measure: ‘The Life in Research’ contains a guide to its activities, opportunities and pitfalls, plus 100+ stories from interviewers, researchers and clients, showing the things they got up to on the nation’s doorsteps, in their offices, in their presentations and at their conferences across the years when this industry grew to its prominent place in our national life.

It has attracted remarkable testimonials, including:
·      “I’ve read it from cover to cover with much enjoyment”
·      “Great read and very accessible”
·      “I couldn’t put it down. It’s very readable, full of insights for young researchers …. I laughed a lot”
·      “What a splendid read!”
·      “It is a triumph! Very amusing and a delightful read”


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