A brief guide to the way the Archive of Market and Social Research is structured


The AMSR has two websites:

  • this portal site, which showcases the kind of material hosted along with our aims, scope and structure;
  • the Archive itself, which is separately hosted with a different website address at the non-profit Online Computer Library Center (OCLC).

You are currently browsing the portal site. Users can access the Archive from here by clicking the red box marked ‘The AMSR Archive’ button at the top of this portal home page. When you are familiar with the Archive site, you might consider bookmarking the Archive site URL to make future visits more direct. However if you are in the process of familiarising yourself with the Archive, its scope and contents, we recommend that you continue to use the portal site as your main ‘way in’.

For further guidance and information on using the Archive site, please read our document: ‘How to get the most out of the Archive’.

AMSR schematic1