The Statistician

The Statistician joined the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society as its Series D from the journal of the Institute of Statisticians after the merger of the two bodies in 1993. The journal was first published by the Institute in 1950 as The Incorporated Statistician. Articles reflect current research by statisticians worldwide and cover key issues in an informative and accessible way. Some themes of interest to the journal are the teaching and communication of statistics, statistical computing and all aspects of statistics in sport. The journal also aims to bridge the gap between statistical theory and practice and to provide access to currently active or new areas of research by the regular publication of review articles by specialists in these fields. Other important themes include the history and philosophy of statistics and the interaction of statistics with other disciplines as diverse as geography and medicine. The journal thus attempts to reflect the maturity of statistics as a science in its own right and as an intrinsic component of scientific endeavor. JSTOR provides a digital archive of the print version of The Statistician. .

The Statistician ceased publishing in 2003 but its archive is available in a number of ways, including purchase of individual articles at £29.