How to use the Archive in Education


The Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR) is a small Archive based on the Market and Social Research Industry. We are a new Archive, emerging from a process of collaboration in the industry to preserve the work of the past 70+ years.

It has been developed entirely by volunteers, and it’s digital, free to access and easy to use. The content reflects and measures the attitudes, feelings, experience and behaviour of the British public post WW2, and is used by a growing number of Modern British History and Politics academics and A-Level students.

Here’s a written guide for A-Level Students, designed to get you into the Archive quickly (6MB PDF, opens in a new browser window; free to download if you wish).

And here’s a new video guide that we have developed:


If you’d like a much more detailed description of the Archive’s functionality then try this page on this website:  `How to get the most out of the Archive’

Please do contact us if you have any specific areas that we could help with. We like to know what the Archive is being used for!

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