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Staying in is set to be our new reality, for however long it proves. Going for an evening out is off the agenda.  For some, this will mean finding new ways to keep occupied at home.  For the majority however, an evening in was already their preference.

Fully half of us either definitely or tend to agree that “I prefer to spend a quiet evening at home than go out”.  TGI data held within AMSR shows this proportion is broadly consistent, having nudged only slightly upwards from 49% to 52% between 2002 and 2012.  Those who disagree are a minority, and increasingly so: 19% in 2002 dropped to 15% by 2012.  Of those 15%, only 4% disagreed strongly.

Prefer to spend a quiet night in chart 1Source: Kantar TGI

Those who will find lockdown evenings the most taxing are disproportionately younger adults – although it’s not as many as commentators might think.  The percentage of 15-34s who definitely disagree with the statement dropped from 10% to 6% by 2012.  So the prospect of being confined to quiet evenings indoors may not create as much frustration as some might fear.

Prefer to spend a quiet night in chart 2Source: Kantar TGI


TGI (Target Group Index) is a continuous survey which has been carried out in Great Britain since 1969, based on 25,000 adults per annum, who provide information on their use of all major products, brands and services.  Attitudinal, demographic and media exposure data are also included.  Kantar, who own and operate the TGI, are making major donations of data to AMSR.  Click here to explore the TGI archive within AMSR.

Post added April 23, 2020


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