Our Contributors

The AMSR is very grateful to the individuals and organisations listed below who have contributed material, for us to digitise and make available on the website or to store in paper format at HAT.

Without these contributions we would not be able to sustain our vision to create a long lasting heritage of market and social research data and commentary.

If you have donated material and your name is not on the list, we apologise for this omission. Let us know and we will add your name immediately!


Marie Alexander
Lawrence Bailey
Ken Baker
Peter Bartram
Professor Patrick Barwise
Bryan Bates
Peter Batey
John Bittlestone
Bill Blyth
Shirley Brent
Richard Bryan
Martin Callingham
Rosie Campbell
Ron Carpenter
Joanna Chrzanowska
Samantha Cockings
David Collins
Martin Collins
Guy Consterdine
Eleanor Cowlie
David Cowling
Peter Dann
Tony Dent
Peter Diem
Christine Eborall
Andrew Ehrenberg
Bob Erens
Gordon Farrant
Graham Farrant
Paul Feldwick
Felicity Fitzgerald
Natalie Forcier
Roger Gane
John Gilbert
Roddy Glen
Gerald Goodhardt
Jean Gordon
David Griffiths
John Griffiths
Janice Guy
Jane Gwilliam
John Hall
David Harris
Paul Harris
Peter Hayes
Gordon Heald
Pene Healey
Alan Hedges
Andrew Hemming
Linda Henshall
Peter Hodgson
Peter Hutton
David Iddiols
Wendy Jenkins
Sheila Keegan
John Kelly
Stephen King
Roy Langmaid
Carole Lee
Barry Leventhal
Tim Macer
Keith McClelland
Colin McDonald
Ruth McNeil
Peter Menneer
Nick Moon
Richard Moran
Peter Mouncey
Graham Mytton
Liz Nelson
Dianne Newman
John O’Brien
Donald Osborne
Simon Patterson
Jane Perry
Adam Phillips
Philip Rees
Richard Roberts-Miller
Sue Robson
Mike Roe
James Rothman
Lynn Scrivener
Jacqueline Servat
Peter Sleight
Patrick Tate
Humphrey Taylor
Evelyn Tinker
Dominic Twose
Phyllis Vangelder
Daniel Wain
Richard Webber
Geoff Wicken
Frances Wills
Richard Windle
Sir Robert Worcester


AURA By permission of Richard Moran
Ipsos MORI
Kantar Millward Brown
Kantar Worldpanel
Linda Norwell/Nidus Research
Market Research Society
Opinium Research
QRi Consulting
Research International
Research News Australia
The CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive
The Nursery Research and Planning