Research Matters page 8 September 2021

Phyllis Macfarlane, Chair of the AMSR’s Content Committee, has written an article for the SRA’s Research Matters magazine in which she takes a look back to the early days of the Archive of Social and Market Research in 2016, and then brings readers up to date with our latest initiatives.

Phyllis’ article begins by explaining the background to the AMSR and outlines the original aims for the Archive. She then discusses who our users are and looks at how our perception of the target groups to whom the Archive might appeal has changed over time.

Particularly interesting are the paragraphs discussing the increasing value of the archive to academics – both in terms of providing valuable source material for those studying modern British history from the mid-20th Century onwards, and also as an excellent potential source of material for curriculum-based work with schools.

Phyllis ends with a look to the future and explains how anyone interested can engage more fully with the work the Archive is undertaking – in particular in sourcing material that might otherwise be lost to potential users.

You can view and download the article as a PDF by clicking the image above, or by following this link.

Visit the SRA’s magazine Research Matters.

Date posted: 19th October 2021


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