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 Fishpaste, Rice Pudding, Yoghurt, Pasta

Food usage reported by TGI in 1969 offers a picture of long-lived staples jostling for larder (or increasingly fridge) space with newly-growing and more fashionable categories.  ‘Meat and fishpaste spreads’ were still to be found in 65% of kitchen cupboards, and were being served three times a week or more in 16% of households.  ‘Tinned milk puddings and rice puddings’ were consumed in 79% of homes.  The yoghurt category was growing, with household usage now just over 30%.  The sophistication represented by usage of ‘Packeted spaghetti, macaroni and other pasta’ was also measured at 31% when it was introduced as a separate product field in 1972.


TGI (Target Group Index) is a continuous survey which has been carried out in Great Britain since 1969, based on 25,000 adults per annum, who provide information on their use of all major products, brands and services.  Media exposure, attitudinal and demographic data are also included.  Kantar, who own and operate the TGI (Target Group Index), are making major donations of data to AMSR. 

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