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AMSR is very pleased to announce an important addition to the Archive.  Kantar, who own and operate the TGI (Target Group Index) have made a major donation of data from the period 1987 to 2012.

TGI is a continuous survey which has been carried out in Great Britain since 1969. The survey comprises completed self-completion questionnaires from 25,000 adults aged 15-plus per annum. All respondents provide information on their use of all major products, brands and services. Exposure to different media is measured, as well as attitudinal and demographic data.

The data extract from TGI 1987, which runs to over 200 pages, is now uploaded on the Archive website. Five further data sets extracted at 5-yearly intervals up to 2012 will follow. The next to be loaded will be 2012, so users will be able to see what has changed over 25 years. The intervening years will then follow as the extraction and formation into PDF documents proceeds.

Click here to explore the TGI archive within AMSR.

Research is vital for organisations seeking to understand consumer behaviour and its long-term implications.  Longitudinal analysis of data such as TGI, including the historical data held within the Archive for Market and Social Research (AMSR), can allow decision-makers to track and assess the impact of societal change.

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